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Quote Attributions & Citations


Should an attributed quote author, or agent of such an author, object to an inclusion of a quote, please contact us immediately via the following email addresses: - or -  

We will promptly remove any quote the author or author’s agent wishes to have removed or excluded.


Likewise, please report any suspected or known errors in any quotes by the same means; please include as much detail as possible, and include any academic or print citations you might offer.  Shortly after making Our Favorite Inspirational Dance Quotes more widely available in October 2006, we received a correction to one quote from a scholar – which we appreciated, verified and promptly corrected.


Quotes are attributed only insofar as they are generally accepted and ascribed on the internet community, with no citations offered, and no representations otherwise made, with the exception of quotes attributed to us (for better or worse) on the pages of this site.  For levity, please see The Standard Disclaimer on our home page at  This is not to discount the value or criticality of citations, and we roundly applaud the efforts of those who have made or are making such efforts.


We hope that our decision to proceed with a project that otherwise would have required many additional years of work – and therefore would not have occurred – does not impede your enjoyment of these quotes.


Should you need citations, please click here for information on resources.



This is not a scholarly endeavor, but a shared personal collection of quotes from over a period of many years.  Our humble offering intends to share inspiration and enrichment through broad availability and access to thoughts on dance that have inspired and enriched us.  We culled this collection as labor of love – largely from the internet – and decided to share them for the enjoyment of others. While we considered adding citations, it quickly became apparent that locating, verifying and attributing each quote presented an insurmountable challenge, and the inclusion of citations would have meant abandoning the sharing of these dance inspirations altogether.  We decided in favor of cautious non-citation.


Through a wide variety of online resources, we found few discrepancies or differences in the quotes themselves, but where there were any, we chose what seemed the most reliable resource(s), or – where there did not seem a clear ‘heavyweight’ – we chose the most widely-cited version.


On very rare occasion, there was a discrepancy on attribution. Case in point: “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” We awarded this quote “The Most Attributed Quote Award” as it has been attributed to at least eighteen possible sources – leading one vexed aficionado to devote a webpage and countless hours of effort in an ongoing attempt to discover the true origin of these written or spoken words.


We are sufficiently comfortable with the foundation of the quotes included and attributed; the balance are listed within the “Quotes of Unknown Origin” section.  Likewise, if anyone believes they can identify the author to any of the quotes in the “Quotes of Unknown Origin” section, if you would forward that information to us it would greatly appreciated.


We hope that our choices are sufficiently founded to bear up under scrutiny, and to bring no ill repute on any of the attributed sources.


We are so glad that you came to enjoy these thoughts of others, and hope you come back again.





Scott and Kristy Nilsson




Resources for Citations & Quotes


Should you need or desire citation for any specific quote, this may be accomplished through Google Scholar, Windows LiveSearch Academic, or another academic search engine.  You might also enjoy and appreciate The Yale Book of Quotations - whose editor made use of advanced research methods to best assure accuracy of quotes and attributions (below).


Academic Search Engines:      



An outstanding new publication of quotes:

The Yale Book of Quotations -

Yale University Press    ISBN 0300107986

Fred R. Shapiro, Editor

Associate Librarian for Collections; Access and Lecturer in Legal Research / Yale Law School

The Yale Book of Quotations, from Yale University Press, is intended to supplant Bartlett's Familiar Quotations and the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations as the most authoritative quotation dictionary, and is the first major quotation book to emphasize modern and American sources, including popular culture (a heavy emphasis on American popular culture), sports, computers, politics and the social sciences.


The YBQ is the first quotation book of any sort to use state-of-the-art computer-assisted research methods to comprehensively collect famous quotations and to trace quotations to their accurate origins.




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