These are poems

I wrote for my husband, Scott.

I love you.



 Copyright on all Poetry & Artwork

by Kristy Leigh Nilsson



All poetry and artwork included in these pages is copyrighted © by Kristy Nilsson.  Please see Copyright Notice at the bottom.





Drop by Drop         February 2002 - Copyright


Drop by drop,

Let me soak in through your skin

The way the ocean seeps into the sand

Let me drench you

As foaming waves caress the shore,

To lure sweet grains of you away

Away, into my depths.




Come Grab Me Away          May 2001 - Copyright


Come grab me away

Like a kidnapping gypsy,

And be the savage fiddler for my dance.

Come be my bare feet

And the wind in my hair.

My runaway train,

And my unbridled steed.

Come fill me with wildness -

Like summertime storms,

And free me with the passion of your touch.




Beacon          May 2001 - Copyright


A million miles I’ve traveled

Following that brilliant beacon -

The light that chose my course

Across a hundred million waves.

No neon sign

Or candy-striped lighthouse,

No morning star

Or crescent moon,

But a light so much brighter than the stars,

And more everlasting than the moon -

I followed the light that filled your eyes.

And you came to meet me in the middle

When you saw the light in mine.




Sleep          May 2000 - Copyright


With your arm tightly wound around my shoulder

And our melted flesh slowly fusing into one,

I wonder could I share your dreams

As easily as I share your skin?




To Scott          March 2000 - Copyright


Your gaze penetrates through me

Like sunlight through glass,

And warms me from the inside to the edges of my skin.

Your words collect within my brain

Like the petals that collect beneath a blossoming tree,

And when I walk among them, their fragrance gives me peace.

Your arms are my sanctuary,

And your heart is my hearth.

You have made me so profoundly happy

That the angels are jealous of me.




In the Garden          March 2000 - Copyright


A smiling, freckled child,

Still sullied with an afternoon’s play,

Will tenderly clear away the shadowing branches

Which hide the tiniest seedling in his garden -

A shoot so small, that had his parents found it first,

They would have torn it from the ground as a weed.

I feel like that shy sprout

That somehow you saw fit to tend.

For you have cleared away the darkness

That I never knew was shading me,

Until I felt the warmth of your sun in my heart.




Come Closer to me Than This        February 2000 - Copyright

Come closer to me than this;

help free me from this vice.

Though I want nothing more

than to step outside myself

and to walk beyond this wall -


without a map I will be lost,

and I cannot find the door.







I love you, Kristy -

these are poems

I wrote for my you.


~ Scott




Copyright by Scott Nilsson




Canopy          Valentine's Day 2004 - Copyright


sweet aurora

breath of

winsome slumber

as drifting

scented leaves

her canopy


on golden doss

flaxen locks









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