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The Midas Touch         July 1999 - Copyright

The ripples on the lake,

Alive, like children scurrying under their blankets,

Are deified by evening sunlight.

They are transformed from water to liquid gold with the twilight’s Midas touch.

I wish that I could be that light,

And have the power to make your eyes catch fire,

With only my golden touch.





Vacant         June 1998 - Copyright

I have emptied out my body

To house him in my chest.

I have carved out my mind, my lungs, my heart,

And bestowed them at his feet --

        to pose as my most priceless dowry.

But he will not accept my offering,

And he will not enter this palace which I have created for him.

So now my breast is vacant,

And I am not accepting renters.





Him      - excerpt    June 1998 - Copyright

Like a rooted sunflower that turns to face the sun,

My heart follows his path as he travels across my sky.

It cannot touch its beloved, because the sun is a billion miles away.

And if only its petals could reach,

The beautiful rays that caress that poor blossom from afar,

        would simply burn it to a spot of sizzling ash.





Like Water         January 1999 - Copyright

Like water through my fingers,

I can only hold you for so long.

If I drink you from my palm,

Water will drip down my chin,

And my lips will be left damp,

But I will never be filled

Because I can only hold you for so long.





Substance         June 1998  - Copyright

My soul is made from the same substance as yours is.

It is thick, and pours slowly between us.

I cannot know what portion of my substance is you,

Because you have dissolved into me.

My liquid soul has encircled yours,

        and they spiral together into the upper air…

I lie motionless and feel the rocking

         as they dive through one another,

        then dissipate into the pool to resurge once more.





A Kiss         May 1999 - Copyright

Eyes closed.

I feel his breath in my mouth

And one hand in my hair

The awkward clinking of teeth

Is our only accompaniment

As I bite his lower lip

And he begs me with his tongue.





For Amanda         September 2000 - Copyright

Like a crystal prism

That hangs in your kitchen window

And breaks the purest sunlight into a brilliant spectrum,

She broke her happiness into a thousand rays,

So each of us could see a piece of that light.

Like a sky-bound cloud

That spills a million raindrops to the earth,

She showered us with life.

And like a gust of wind

That blows a dandelion’s seeds to the ground,

Where they can take root to become something beautiful,

She helped scatter love,

So it could grow in all of us.




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