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At our wedding, Kristy's cousin Dave Hardy videotaped some wonderful and some funny advice from our family and friends:



“I think when I first started out, I thought more in terms of sharing: I do my 50 and she does her 50. Then I realized that maybe that’s not the way it ought to be. You ought to do 100% or even 150% if needed. Love and service. Service to each other, and service to the world.”

   ~ Kristy’s Uncle Jack (married 40 years)


“This is from a man who was married 65 years - ‘You keep falling in love many, many times - with the same person. So as you both grow and you both change, you just learn to love that new person. And you support each other in what the other wants to do.”

   ~ Aunt Pat, Uncle Jack’s wife (married 40 years)


“You have to f-e-e-el your way.” And - advice carried forward from his brother Jack’s wedding when Tom was 14. Tom held up a piece of paper with the wedding date on it and said to his big brother, "Remember this date.  This is the most important date in your life.  Someday, you marriage may depend on your ability to remember this date.”

   ~ Kristy’s dad, Tom (married 33 years)


“I didn’t have my ‘talk’ with Kristy before the wedding the way they did in the past, but maybe that wasn’t necessary. Compromise - you must always compromise. Talk everything out. Never say a deliberate cruel thing. Never, ever blame each other. Don’t lose your temper. Don’t go to bed angry.”

   ~ Joyce, Mother of the Bride (married 33 years)


“Really, REALLY explore the children issue...  I mean REALLY explore the children issue.”

   ~ Diane, Joyce and Tom’s Executive Assistant (married)


“Pay attention to each other. Look after each other. Love each other. That’s all.”

   ~ Kristy's Aunt Phyllis, Tom's sister 


“Kiss each other all the time. Even when you’re mad at each other, you’ve got to have a lot of kissing. And - she’s always right, she is always right. Keep that in mind.”

   ~ Kristy’s cousin Debby


“Respect. And friendship. And the other one: The Wild Side... sometimes you have to go for it. No matter how wild it gets, you have to love them for who they are.”

   ~ Cousin Janet


“Eat plenty of home cooked meals. Even if you can’t cook - it’s a bonding experience.”

   ~ Hunter, Janet’s husband


“Keep it fun and remember to flirt! Make dates. He should look up things to do and ask you out on a date, and you say, ‘OK!’ It doesn’t matter where, or what - if he wants to go to an auction, say ‘YES!’ I always have fun, no matter where it is.”

   ~ Cousin Becky


“We’ve heard all this stuff. Here’s what I have to say: If you ever buy a house, and you ever have a dog: don’t walk your dog to some else's yard to take a dump.”

   ~ Becky’s husband - and Videographer, Dave


“Be cool - When she asks, How does my hair look? and her hair doesn’t look so good, say . . . Your hair looks pretty good! And if her hair looks pretty good, say, Your hair looks great.  Also, when you get married - she‘s boss.”

   ~ Sean (Kristy’s 12 year old cousin).

      After Sean said that, you cousin Dave's voice in the background:

     “You learned that from your mother, didn’t you?”


“Be thoughtful of each other.”

   ~ Hertha, the family Grandmother


“Lots of massages.”

   ~ Anjana, one of Kristy's lifelong friends and a Bride’s Maid


“Live Long and Prosper”

   ~ Sophia, another longtime friend of Kristy's and a Bride’s Maid


“Remember: politically correct is a maximum of two kids.”

   ~ John, Scott’s dad


"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23)” and

“Follow your dreams, wherever they take you . . .”

   ~ Elisabeth, Scott‘s mother


”I think the main thing that has kept most marriages together is to remember to spend as much time on the bottom as you do on the top.”

   ~ George, Scott’s brother-in-law...  To which Scott's sister 

      Sidne, George's wife, laughed and chimed in: “That’s a good idea!”


“May everyone that meets you, love you.

 And for those that don't love you, may God turn their hearts.

 If He doesn't turn their hearts, may He turn their ankle . . .

 so you’ll know them by their limp"
~ Scott’s Brother, and Best Man (after an old Irish Blessing)


“Can our daughter have a cousin v-e-r-y soon!”

   ~ Scott’s sister-in-law, Colette


“Keep dating throughout your married years. Each week, set aside a time for a date. Honor God in the small things, and the big things will take care of themselves.”

   ~ Scott’s cousin, Walter


“Be true to each other. Try to make each other happy. Be funny; without humour, life doesn’t mean a whole lot. And don’t forget, and most important (especially for these two): You gotta dance! You gotta DANCE!”

   ~ Scott’s friend Sassan



We hope you enjoyed this.


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