Scott & Kristy Nilsson

Our Wedding Thank You






Our love and thanks to our family and friends

and all those who have nurtured and supported us

- individually and as a couple -

this last year, and throughout our lives.


We attended a wedding last summer

where the minister called on all present to take vows of commitment

to offer nurture and support to the newlyweds throughout their lives,

most especially when things were challenging.


He called on the attendee's

to honor their inclusion in the sacred rites of marriage

by recognizing the significance of their invited presence

and the implicit responsibilities of that honor:

to that couple, and by extension, to all couples.


To everyone.


We hope we are honoring that commitment -

and that we honor what you all have given us throughout our lives.

We will strive to pass these blessings on to others.


And we offer you our love and great appreciation.


Thank you.




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