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Rehearsal Toast - Father of the Groom

                                                  ~  John Barricks, Father of the Groom






Encryption has become an essential part

of doing business on the Internet

for companies and consumers alike.

For substantial reasons, some secrecy is expedient.


To varying degrees,

most of us present an encrypted version of ourselves to the world.

For lots of reasons, some secrecy is expedient.


But, regardless of what we say to others,

weíre probably known primarily by what we do.


To know Scott better, letís check out a few things heís done:





We learned a bit about Scott

when he and his brother, Eric, watched TV together.


Iím sure you remember The Three Stooges

clobbering one another with 2X4s,

or roughly gouging eyes.


Cartoons were even rougher,

sling-shotting characters over mountain chains,

dropping one another off sky-scrapers,

or blowing one another up.


All plotted, of course, to make one howl with laughter Ė

which is exactly what Eric did.


Scott, on the other hand, winced at each catastrophe,

often yelling at Eric -

"Eric, donít laugh! Thatís not funny! That hurts!"


Scott has always had a great deal of empathy for others.

(So does Eric - he just never let it get in the way of enjoying a

  good explosion.)





The reviews were GUSHY!


At fourteen, after studying ballet for two years,

Scott was adjudicated by an international ballet star,

And offered a scholarship to the New York City Ballet.


At fifteen, he was the advance man for the Indianapolis Ballet,

Where he also wrote publicity and created their annual report.


Having skipped the last three years of high school,

Scott finished his first semester at Indiana University

With a 4.0 average.


Heís a smidgen from a second degree from New York University.


One summer, he performed on tour with the Atlanta Ballet.


For a time, the dance beat Ė

The popular dance beat heard round the world Ė

Came from a Manhattan club, from a recycled TV studio.


For a time,

Simply being inside the club was synonymous

With being "IN."


Night after night,

Crowds standing in the cold or the rain

Begged an arrogant gatekeeper for admission.

I danced there . . . with the aid of a little influence.


A stretch limo at the curb,

Billions in the bank,

And titles and rank,

None of those things

Guaranteed admission.


Sliding into a club banquette meant

Sharing space with Warhol,

or Liza Minnelli,

Passing time with the celebrity of the hour.

Being inside conferred its own kind of celebrity.


With the right kind of influence,

I danced at Studio 54.

My influential contact was the Assistant Manager.

. . . A guy named Scott.





A2A is an in-line skating event

With contestants from several states and countries.


Scott has stroked his in-line skates

Over the 86 mile highway course

From Athens, Georgia to Atlanta.


In-liners will tell you that distance skating pumps up the serotonin,

And enhances chances of losing a little blood.


Scottís been there.


Kristy already knows what Iím about to tell you,

And she still plans to go ahead with the wedding:




They all live in Atlanta, in retirement communities.

Average Age: 70-plus.


As Administrator of one of the high-rise communities,

Scott recently celebrated his 20th anniversary

With the operating group, a non-profit church ministry.


Kristy, Dolly and I were at the anniversary dinner:

It was very GUSHY!



Thatís my son.


                    ~  John Barricks, Father of the Groom





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