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Wedding Toast - Father of the Groom

                                             ~  John Barricks, Father of the Groom





    You may agree that, in addition to cattle,

    Texas breeds strong, independent people.


    In spirit at least, my son - Scott - is a Texan.


    As our whole family knows,

    Scott is a very strong person.


    An extremely independent person.


    Unlike some men, Scott prefers a strong woman . . .

    An independent thinker.


    He prefers an intelligent,

    Impassioned woman, with artistic sensibilities.


    A woman who is physical and feminine;

    Fun, but not frivolous fluff.


    He prefers a woman of substance, with backbone . . .


    A woman with a neat mind,

    Who is not necessarily a hausfrau,

    Or, a compulsive picker-upper.


    No, he wants a woman who is creative.


    A wordsmith.


    One with a strong sense of curiosity,

    And, a natural need to know.


    A committed, true performer

    Is his preferred partner.


    Energetic and quick,

    A high kicker who can hold her own on the stage of life.


    A woman with gumption.

    And integrity.

    And a mind of her own.


    A woman who can fearlessly face him -

    And tell him e-x-a-c-t-l-y what she thinks.





    You all know that Kristy Leigh is a professional dancer.

    You may know she is also a gifted choreographer -

    And a fine visual artist.


    Some of you know that Scott also danced professionally,

    And is a gifted actor, and administrator.


    I predict that each of them will someday be published.

    They both write extremely well.


    Ladies and Gentlemen - I Propose a Toast:


    May Kristy and Scott dance through life with great joy,

    In a pas de deux of mutual respect,

    With stupendous leaps of joy,

    Tiny dips of disappointment,

    And enduring love.


                    ~  John Barricks, Father of the Groom





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