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Our Engagement

Ninth of January, 2001






Shortly after returning from wonderful Christmas holidays with Kristy's parents in Houston, Scott and Kristy found an early morning snow falling over Atlanta.


Although they had discussed marriage for months, no ring had been selected (not without Kristy) - and they wanted to wait to get engaged until Kristy met Scott's mother, and until Scott met Kristy's extended family and friends in Houston. Holding each other in the soft, blue morning light, Kristy said quietly, "You haven't asked me yet. I mean, you've asked me. . . but you haven't r-e-a-l-l-y asked me." Then she smiled expectantly.


They both knew what she meant.


Scott sat back and took both her hands gently. "Kristy, would you let me hold you, and love you and cherish you - for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer - as long as we both live? Kristy Leigh Dawson, will you marry me?"


Kristy furrowed one brow, and said ? looking very concerned, "If I answer that question the way you said it, won't we be married then? What about the wedding?"


Scott laughed, and said, "No, we won't. We'll just be engaged. We can still have the wedding."


Then she started giggling, and threw her arms around him and said, "Then, yes. Yes, yes, YES! Yes, I'll marry you."................


They selected The Ring together.


Of course.





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