Absolute Beauties             - Terence Winch

Welcome to the world of men. In this world
we are mystified by experience. Faith is the light
between us and the startled birds of the air.
Technology is destiny. Our legs and arms
often go numb. We like to drive our cars,
yet our eyesight is failing.
We are grateful for money.
We believe in sexualizing the environment.

The world of women is different. Here, groups
are held together by the pure flame of experience.
We long to be longed for. We believe in
ideological heresy. In this state of affairs,
we mourn the loss of the inner world, the religion
of contradictions, the marketplace of chance.
At the point of nonbeing, we reach into the calm
water and release unsettling noises into the night.

Terence Winch is a contemporary American poet.


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