About Scott & Kristy Nilsson...

& How We Met...






Kristy    was a    dancer  ,


a choreographer    and dance teacher  .


Scott    was Executive Director    for Briarcliff Oaks, and


happily served    older adults at


two  nonprofit senior communities   for a really


long time... but after nearly 24 years - Scott and his brother


decided it was time to take a hike ; so his beloved residents


and  staff    threw him a really big


party, gave him    a bunch    of awards   ,


and now he's    focused on the road ahead.




We head for water    at every opportunity, with a


book and a laptop, and couldn't be happier    together.





How We Met...



In 1999, Scott    and Kristy    were both living


in Atlanta.  Scott's    avocation was inline speed skating 


and helping co-ordinate    long distance road races  .


Kristy was studying    and performing with Atlanta Ballet  .


They were both bored   with the same old routine  .





On Labor Day, Scott    went to a post-race party for the


US10K    and it happened that Kristy    was a guest.


On her arrival  , a mutual friend told her a former


ballet dancer   named Scott    was in the kitchen


preparing Sashimi  .  They talked    and


flirted    late into the night,    and - although


they didn't start dating    for five months, they    agree,


it was love    at first sight  Kristy 


likes to say  she chased    him    until he caught


her ...  Scott  s version is that the minute    he


met    her, he    knew she was trouble



or that he was in trouble   



or that they would both



get into trouble together  .




On August 25, 2001 - they did . . .







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