Scott's Studio 54 Memorabilia







Scott's Employee ID


Studio 54 was a D.B.A. for the  Broadway Catering Company.


Scott was born Bitterman, but like his entire family, changed last

names after Frank Bitterman, Scott's  step-grandfather died.








Comp Admissions

Given to VIPs











Stevie & Ian's Business Cards



When Studio 54 was having trouble finding sexy Busboys (as Stevie & Ian wanted), I recommended that instead of "Help Wanted" ads, we post up "Audition" posters.   In New York, most Busboys & Waiters are actors and dancers - and they can't resist an audition.  Michael Overington, the club Manager, was skeptical.  The afternoon of June 25, 1978, there were thirty guys waiting at the back 'stage' door on 53rd Street - waiting to 'audition'.  We hired several.







Comp Drink Tickets for VIPs came in

black, gold & silver on different nights







Protests against Studio 54

 One night, protestors from an area church passed out flyers outside the club (one below).

A protestor handed one to me on the way into work one night.  While illegalities undoubtedly

occurred within Studio 54 - it was a small problem relative to the number of guests. Our

guests included everyone from tourists in tuxedos and ball gowns to judges and physicians,

Mayors and Governors, Presidential staff and family members, royalty, and leadership of

Fortune 500 companies - but the majority of people who came into Studio 54 every night,

week in and week out - for years - were New Yorkers that loved to dance and have fun,

and were no threat to anyone's morals or ethics.  One of our most regular dancers was a

30-something Manhattan hospital nurse that came almost every night.

 She just liked to dance and watch the spectacle . . .


I am sorry there were those that were offended.


But I agree with the message - I wish no one ever used drugs.









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