Scott Through the Years




Age 4


From left:

      Mother - Elisabeth

      Baby Bro - Eric

      Father - John

Scott (at far right)

Age 9


Scott in center

Sister Sidne on left

Brother Eric on right



Age 16


Stage Manager &

Tech Director -

Indianapolis Ballet

photo by Elmer Taflinger

David Belasco's assistant

Age 17


Studio Shot

photo by Sister, Sidne









Age 18


Scott in Romeo & Juliet




Age 19


Another studio shot

by Sidne




Age 20


New York

modeling photo

by NYU roomie

& lifetime buddy,

Bob Brady


Still 20...


Same Shoot









Age 20


Central Park

New York


Age 21


Studio 54

Dolly Parton Party with

friend & Studio Host,

 Joe Renny

Age 30


Scott with mom,



Age 38


With Nicky,

a very spoiled Schnauzer










with his

Triumph Daytona



Scott's "Goin' 'Cross Town Party"

 at Clairmont Oaks



Our Wedding Day!

Halloween 2002


He hasn't changed

a bit, huh?







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