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From 1999 through 2002, Scott was Co-Organizer and Co-Director of Athens-to-Atlanta, after volunteering for the event since 1991.  In 2002, Scott acted as Transition Director in the creation of a new Nonprofit Corporation, the Georgia International Road Skating Association Inc ( - a new parent organization for Athens-to-Atlanta and for fostering inline road skating events and competitions.





Henry "The Organizer" Zuver

Bill "Finish Line Director" Cassleman

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Athens to Atlanta


International Ultra-Marathon Road Skate

87-Mile and 38-Mile Skate Events

Every October






"Together at the Finish"

Inline Club of Boston



Below, please find several articles Scott has written on skating, events and issues, as well as some photographs, and links to some of his favorite skate sites.







Scott hands off water at Check Point 1 to

Eddy Matzger, 8-Time Winner of A2A and

Jonothan "Jono" Gorman*, 38 Mile Winner - 2002





* Not-so-little-anymore, Jono is now a bone-fide

champion in his won right - and an  annual member

of the USA World Senior Team (Speed Skating).


Jono graduated from high school in 2006.













Scott's Road Skate Articles & Writing






Uwe Brockmann's 24 Hour World Record       



Conquer Your Fears                      



Thank You, Puck               



“FOUL!” - Making the Right Call

On the Highly Contentious Finish to the 2002 Athens-to-Atlanta

- And a Post Script to Thank You, Puck


What is A2A?


Give Your Skating a Purpose: A2A Press Releases


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A2A is a

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team In Training

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society






Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollers Skate Club


Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollers







Atlanta Skate Patrol                

"Goodwill Ambassadors for Inline Skating"

National Skate Patrol Link        





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