Studio 54 got its name from its address:

254 West 54th Street


Not from its corporate name:

The Broadway Catering Corporation


It was the dance club that

defined chic in the Disco Era.




What made Studio so unique was that it created a place to mix for a wonderful smorgasbord of  people who had never openly mixed in society before: the ultra-rich, stars, gay New York, artists, royalty, the mob, politicians and lots of everyday people - all relaxing and playing and partying together.




Being rich or beautiful or talented did not guarantee you to get in.

Kennedy's and kings were turned away one night - and were comp'ed

(allowed in free) with champagne the next night . . .  Or never got in.


Steve ("Stevie") Rubell said it was like choosing guests for a dinner party:

you want them to mix well, but not so well that it would get dull.

Entertaining but not obnoxious.  Intriguing, but not forced.  Never

obvious, without complete innocence.  And never tacky.  Or pushy.

He compared creating the "room" on any given night -

to making a perfect salad.  One night - you were perfect,

the next night - nothing on earth could get you in that door . . .




The Club was created by renovating old theatre.

The theatre seats were stripped out and replaced with banquettes, tables and a bar.  The original stage was used as a large dance floor - with a DJ Booth raised down stage right...  Many of the club lighting effects originally came from closed Broadway shows.







Columns of light surrounded the dance floor,

which was the old theatre's enormous stage.






The Famous "Moon And The Spoon"

The Moon and the Spoon were suspended

over the dance floor at separate sides of the

room and would slowly advance toward

each other to meet in the middle.






The DJ's Mixing Board and Lighting Controls

were as complex as any theatre's.






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