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Writer / Consulting Services – Atlanta, Georgia

March 2006 through Present

  I co-authored a coming-of-age comedy that is currently in preparation with industry editors for promotion to

  production companies, and an additional script is in progress - with other projects under development.

  Additionally, Scott provides writing services and consults on a pro-bono basis for select nonprofit organizations

  and artists on business operations.


Eriscot – General Partner – Atlanta, Georgia & Columbus, Ohio

February 2005 through February 2006

  With over 20 years’ progressive experience, I left to start an Atlanta-based business with my brother.

We completed a successful project in Ohio; however, a variety of circumstances precluded his return

to Atlanta and the challenges of initiating and conducting operations interstate proved insurmountable. We concluded operations in February 2006.


Clairmont Oaks Inc. – Atlanta, Georgia

April 1981 through January 2005

  A nonprofit, affordable housing and services ministry promoting successful aging in a caring community.

  Proactive, results oriented leader: positions included Executive Director, Administrator & Physical Plant Director.

  Awarded the Flame of Excellence in January 2005.


Briarcliff Oaks – Executive Director / Direct Report to Board of Directors

 August 1998 to January 2005

   Facility: 125 Units; 7 Stories; 100,000 Square Feet.  Eleven direct reports, including: Associate Director,

 Director of Accounting and Finance (dual report to Board), Director of Resident Services, Social Services

 Coordinator, Physical Plant Director and Security Supervisor.

 Administrative and management responsibilities:

·   Operating and Capital Budgets

·   Human Resources

·   Risk Management and Life Safety

·   Customer Service

·   Computers and Telecommunications

·   Resident Social Services

·   Physical Assets and Maintenance

·   Educational and Recreational Programs

·   Corporate Responsibility: Insurance – Property, Liability, Officers & Directors, Human Resources

·   Preparation and presentation of clear and concise Board level analyses, presentations and


·   Ensure compliance with requirements of HUD, OSHA, Department of Labor, Department of
    of Health and all other pertinent federal, state and municipal regulatory agencies.

Significant accomplishments included:

·   External Compliance Audits: all key financial, management, operations, physical assets and record-

    keeping practices were annually subjected to external audits by numerous governmental, insurance

    and life safety agencies.  We routinely secured the highest scores.
    ·  2004 results included:
       ·  Superior HUD Management & Operations Review: comprehensive 2-day federal compliance audit.
       ·  Score: 100 HUD Real Estate Assessment Center Physical Inspection: exhaustive federal
          audit compliance inspection scores of "100" are extremely rare for REAC inspections.
       ·  Score: 100 DeKalb County Department of Health, Food Service Inspection.
·   Professional Development: implemented certified, external professional education for all staff.
·   Operating Income/Occupancy: increased income 41% over four years, sustaining 100% occupancy.
    Increased vending income 100% while decreasing operating costs.
·   Expense Management: effective risk management and physical maintenance resulted in substantially
        below-trend increases in insurance costs and deferral of capital replacements to maximize value of
        existing assets.
·   Capital Reserves: Effected over $1M in capital improvements while increasing deposits to Reserves 500%.
·   Social Services: created grant-funded staff position to coordinate community health & wellness resources.
·   Sierra Wellness partner: no-cost assessments and supervised personal exercise and fitness training.
·   Extensive public speaking and group facilitation experience.


Clairmont Oaks – Physical Plant Director

 August 1986 to August 1998

  Facility: 297 Units/ 14 Stories; 275,000 Square Feet.  Five direct reports, including Maintenance Director.

Administrative Responsibilities:

·   Operating and Capital Budgets

·   Computer & Telecommunications Systems

·   Vendors and contract service providers

·   Physical Plant: planning, scheduling and execution

·   Bidding, negotiations and engagement

·   Facility Maintenance

·   Purchasing and Accounts Payable

·   Acting Administrator (Administrator on Leave, Feb–July 1992)

·   Payroll Management

    resulted in commendation, bonus & performance promotion.

·   Renovation Management: $6M+Occupied Full-Building Renovation, Asbestos Abatement, plus 50,000 sq.ft.

    Addition - Elevator Tower, Large Patio Enclosure and Build-Out (Dec 1994 - July 1997)
    ·  Resulted in commendation and merit pay increase for supervision, support and coordination.
College and prior employment included assistant management of a Manhattan night club and a restaurant,
Leasing Agent and Professional Condominium Association Management.


Arts Organizations    Professional, college and civic: 1973 – 2006

Theatre Arts Curriculum Vitae available

·   Positions included Technical Director, Stage Manager, Set and Lighting Designer and costume construction

    for over 50 theatrical productions for dance companies, summer stock, dinner theatres, television and film.
·   Specialty productions included Event Director and Stage Manager for Indiana Governor’s Arts Awards 
        Evening and Stage Manager for the annual conference for the American Council for the Arts.
·   Performance positions included ballet companies, summer stock, dinner theatre, television and commercials.


Professional Affiliations and Association Management


·   American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging

1984 - 2005

    House of Delegates: Governance adjunct to Board of Directors (declined 2005-06 term)

2003, 2004

·   Georgia Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (GAHSA)

1984 - 2005

    GAHSA Board of Directors (declined re-nomination for 2005-06 term)

2002 - 2005

    GAHSA Board Executive Committee (declined re-nomination for 2005 term)


    Communications Committee – Chair (committee founder)


    Technology Plan, Website, Listservs, Business Connections Online

2003, 2004

    Various prior committee member and chairperson positions

2003, 2004
·   GAHSA Institute on Aging – Atlanta, GA 1988 - 2005
    Board of Directors


    Education and Professional Development Committee 2003, 2004
·   Employee Benefits Advisory Council - National 1999 - Present
·   Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association 1984 - 2005
    (Association for HUD Managing Agents)  
·   American Association of Energy Engineers – National 1989 - 1998


Professional Recognition and Awards


·   Flame of Excellence – Clairmont Oaks, Inc. – Atlanta, GA 2005
·   Distinguished Service Award – Georgia Association of Homes and Services for the Aging 2004
·   Employee of the Year –  Southeastern Association for HUD Managing Agents 1996



Community Service


·   Athens-to-Atlanta Ultra Marathon Road Skate, International Athletic EventAtlanta, GA 1990 - 2006
        25th Anniversary Event - Senior Event Coordination Management Team 2006
        Co-Organizer & Co-Director; Transition Director to new corporation (GIRSA) in 2002 2000/2001/2002
    Leukemia Lymphoma Society Team-in-Training fundraising partner: raised $500K+ p/year  
·   Georgia International Road Skate Association (GIRSA) – Atlanta, GA  
        Organization Creation: Incorporation Documents, ByLaws and new Board of Directors 2002

Volunteer community and fundraising efforts include: Children’s Hospitals - Egleston, Hughes Spaulding &

Scottish Rite; Ansley Pavilion Nursing Home; Georgia Special Olympics; Georgia State University; Muscular
Dystrophy Telethon; Tuberculosis and  Respiratory Disease Association; Women’s Resource Center to
Combat Domestic Violence;  plus, numerous dance and theatre companies, and other organizations.


Education and Certifications


Indiana University, School of Music - Bloomington, IN · Graduated with Honors: High Distinction 1974 – 1977
·   GPA 3.8 at Graduation with A.S., completed Junior Year as Double Major  
·   Scholarships: Academic Merit and School of Music Merit 1974 – 1977
New York University, School of the Arts - New York, NY · additional studies 1977, 1978
·   Merit Scholarship - GPA 3.6    
National Center for Housing Management – Washington, DC 2001
·   Registered /- and - Certified Housing Manager, Certified Occupancy Specialist  
·   Site Based Budgeting Specialist, Certified Maintenance Manager  
Extensive continuing professional education in real estate management, human resources, risk management,
law and financial operations (Budget, Capital Schedules, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll,
etc.), as well as training related to housing and services for the elderly, low income clients.



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