Scott Nilsson

Inline Road Skating Gallery


Photos Courtesy of Kristy Nilsson, Joyce Dawson and Penny Brinkley.

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Scott, Tom & Rocky

skating in Houston

Scott, Val, Polly, Kenny & Ann

at Sparkles Roller Rink

Handing off water to

Eddy Matzger, 8-time

Winner of Athens-to-Atlanta




Scott treating injured skaters

at A2A 2002

Scott and Corbett after the Marathon

at the Georgia Games in Augusta

(don't ask about the

motorcycle ride back)

Scott's Race Number

for the US 10K


Scott's Longest Race: Athens-to-Atlanta (or A2A)

Atlanta's 87 Mile International Road Skate Ultra-Marathon

from Athens, Georgia - to Piedmont Park in Atlanta!




Halfway There:

Crossing Checkpoint 3

Check Point 6:

Only a Few Miles to Go!

"Pushing the Speed Limit"

Still over his heels, still

flat to the ground...




The Final Turn to the

 Finish Line

 in beautiful Piedmont Park

Scott Crossing the

A2A 87 Mile Finish Line

Made it all the way

to the champagne!





Scott's Finish Time: six hours and forty-seven minutes for the 87 miles:

he averaged just under thirteen miles an hour, gaining a quarter

mile-per-hour through each of seven check points.




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