Scott & Kristy Nilsson's

Nilsson Family Tree



Nellie Larson Nelson & Dage Nelson begat  Hannah-Greta Elisabeth Nelson (Elisabeth) Mary  Bitterman begat John Maxwell Bitterman  John & Elisabeth    married, and begat Sidne, Scott  & their brother  .  Back then,    they were the  Bitterman family.  They lived in Pennsylvania  , New Jersey, South Carolina, Indiana and Georgia   Scott's brother  (who used to be Bitterman,   but is now Barricks) married (the girl on his near right)!

Scott 's  sister (now Sidne Buelow )  married  George   and they live north of New Orleans .  Scott's Mom 's brother is a very serious  Swede: we can't reveal his identity.  Interestingly enough, you will note that Elisabeth  's maiden name was Nelson - not Nilsson    like her full brother who was born a Nilsson (the name saga continues)... Her brother and his wife   soon had   two sons our  Cousins - Doctor Kent    & Reverend Walter  .   Kent married poetess Heidi   and they live in Athens, Georgia   - with their daughters,   Annika   , Ingrid and Britta... Our other cousins  , Walter & Holly   , live in Maryland - where Walt is a minister and Holly is a nurse ; they have two daughters, Julia Pearl, Susie  - and two sons, Nathan and Adam!

After the tragic passing of Scott 's mom in 2005, his dad   , now John Barricks, moved to Costa Rica where his first street address included "past the Mango tree which grows in the road, 150 meters from the lubrication shop" (we're not kidding). Several years later, John met his wonderful now-partner, Cathy Strachan Lindenberg – who we all joyfully welcomed into the Barricks-Bitterman-Nilsson family.


Oh, did we mention that Scott's maternal Grandfather, Dage Konstantin Nelson/Nilsson,

greatly resented the name “Scott” and always called him "Chester" -

while Scott's mother, Elisabeth, wanted to call Scott "Bruno."

Scott is eternally grateful for his given  name - and for not having

to go through public grade school as either Chester or Bruno...


There will be no quiz on the names.


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