Scott & Kristy Nilsson's

Dawson Family Tree








Ruth & Ewart Dawson   begat Tom , Phyllis & Jack.  Tom & Joyce    begat Kristy .  Joyce  "The Mad Flasher"   and Tom    "Mr. Cool"  Dawson sell real estate  in Houston, Texas  .  Their Golden Retriever, Rocky, joins Tom  on his Rollerblading    trips to the nearby garage sales. Joyce plays tennis   and is a real wallflower .  Kristy 's Dad's sister (Kristy's aunt) is Phyllis .  Phyllis is married to Paul  , but is shown with Joyce  because Paul is sneaky & hard to catch on film  , unlike Joyce    who comes to the camera like a moth to a flame .  Kristy 's Dad's Brother, Jack, married Pat    and Jack & Pat  's children are our cousins Debby & Becky  , Janet    ,  and Tommy .  Tommy's kids are Rachel, Charles & Jenny  - and his wife is Carrie (the Mad Flasher hasn't gotten her yet . . .).  Then there's The Three Musketeers: Becky's husband, Dave  , Janet's husband "The Mighty" Hunter (extremely sneaky), and Sean "Smooth Moves" Donohue   , begat by Debby   (no, that's not her husband!)  Here's Becky  and Janet again, in case you're losing track... Almost all the Dawson 's live in Houston , except Kristy  , who lives in Atlanta with her wonderful husband , Scott , but is still a Texas Girl at heart.




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