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Unicoi Area

(in the north Georgia Mountains)






 This Page Includes Information on:


Anna Ruby FallsHorse Trough Falls

High Shoals and

 Blue Hole Falls

1894 Covered Bridge


Indian Mound:  Bonus along the drive - as you pass a large pasture of black & white cows, look for white gazebo in the middle of the pasture, perched on top of a fenced off - Indian mound.






Details on each memorable waterfall and covered bridge ~





Anna Ruby Falls    The most visited waterfall in Georgia - Anna Ruby Falls is a beautiful twin cascade formed as Curtis and York Creeks converge to create Smith Creek.


Hiker Information:  This is a paved 0.4 mile trail, with a steep grade.  Hiker information and trivia is posted along the trail.  In addition to the beautiful .4 mile hike to the falls along  Smith Creek, there is a more rugged 2.5 mile hike that begins at the base of the falls and goes into the Unicoi Forest.


Parking Fee:  $3 for cars, $10 for small vans and buses, $40 for large buses.

Trail Length:  Paved 0.4 mile trail; also, rugged 2.5 mile unpaved trail.

Accessibility:  The steep grade may make the paved trail inaccessible for wheelchairs or those with mobility impairments  Lack of paved trail and grade may make the 2.5 mile trail inaccessible for wheelchairs or those with mobility impairments.  There is a short hike for the visually impaired and blind with Braille signs, called the Lion's Eye Trail.

Restrooms:  Excellent facilities are on site near the gift shop.

Pets:  This information is not available.

Directions: From Helen, take GA Hwy 75 N for 1 mile, turn right onto Hwy 356, go 1.4 miles, then left onto FS242 for 3.6 miles.




Horse Trough Falls    This gorgeous 75 foot waterfall with a 60 foot cascade is found close to the river headwaters of the Chattahoochee River.


Hiker Information:  The moderate hike is 0.2 miles on a well-maintained trail.  Though the hike is not difficult, the 5 mile dirt  road you will drive to get there is bumpy, rocky and steep. I highly recommend that you drive a truck or jeep, though we braved the drive in our little Miata...


Parking Fee:  $2

Trail Length:  0.2 miles unpaved trail.

Accessibility:  Lack of paved trail and grade may make it inaccessible for wheelchairs or those with mobility impairments.

Restrooms:  On site

Pets:  Allowed, on a leash

Directions:  From Helen, take GA 75 north for 8 miles, turn left on FS 44, which is marked with a brown "Upper Chattahoochee Campground" sign.  Proceed 5 miles on the unpaved, steep road to the Upper Chattahoochee Campground.  The  falls are .2 of a mile from the parking area. 





High Shoals and Blue Hole Falls    In Towns County near Unicoi Gap lie two major waterfalls surrounded by beautiful rhododendrons which usually peak into bloom around late May. High Shoals is around 100 feet of cascades and Blue Hole Falls is around 30 feet of sheer cascade drops into a wide, deep plunge pool. There is an observation deck for safer viewing. There have been numerous fatalities at these falls. Proceed with care: the estimated drop is 300 feet.


Hiker Information:  To be completed at later date


Parking Fee:  To be completed at later date

Trail Length:  To be completed at later date

Accessibility:  To be completed at later date

Restrooms:  To be completed at a later date

Pets:  To be completed at later date

Directions:  From Helen, take GA Hwy 75 north for 11 miles and turn right on FS 283 (Indian Grave Gap Road), proceed .2 miles to a creek that crosses the dirt road.  You may park here and hike the remaining 1.1 miles of dirt road, or fjord the shallow creek and drive the to the next parking area on the left.





1894 Covered Bridge ~ The bridge was originally constructed before the Civil War, but had to be rebuilt in 1894 due to damage.  There's a modern bridge right next to it for present-day traffic that crosses some lovely shoals.


Hiker Information: This is less than 100 feet from the road.  Fishing is allowed.



Parking Fee: None

Trail Length: Less than 100 feet, unpaved trail.

Accessibility: Visible from Road, lack of paved trail may make it inaccessible for wheelchairs or those with mobility impairments.

Restrooms: None

Pets: Not posted

Directions:  Not available at this time (Google, then Mapblast or Mapquest)






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