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Turner's Corners Area


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Including information on:


  Blood Mountain &

 Waters Creek Falls





 Creek Falls


Another Fun Stop On The Way:

The Mt. View Rock Shop: A favorite of geology and gem fans, the owners will share a lot about the area and its history.

Directions to the Rock Shop: From Turner’s Corner, travel north on US 19 for 8.3 miles - the shop is on the right.

Turner's Corner from Atlanta: take GA 400 North - this will become US 19; the intersection of US 19 and US 129 in known as “Turner’s Corner”




Details on each memorable waterfall ~




Blood Mountain and Waters Creek Falls    This beautiful area contains four waterfalls located at the intersection of Blood Mountain Stream and Waters Creek.  The second waterfall flows almost 20 feet through a rock cut, creating a churning sluice of water.


Hiker Information: These falls are not as tall as others in the area, but are simply gorgeous and make a nice location for a picnic.  The hike itself is very short (you can see the falls from the road), but it is steep and will be slippery after rain.  Two of the falls are visible from the road, for visitors who cannot take the hike.


Parking Fee: $2

Trail Length: Less than 100 feet unpaved trail.

Accessibility: Visible from road. Lack of paved trail and grade may make it inaccessible for wheelchairs or those with mobility impairments.

Restrooms: On site, but are closed during winter.

Pets: Allowed, on a leash

Directions: From U.S. 19/129 (Turner's Corner) go west on U.S. 19 for approximately 0.5 miles.  Turn right at the signs for “The Chattahoochee Wildlife Management Center” and “Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church”.  This road is called F.S. 34 – you will drive a total of 2.8 miles before parking the car on the hill to the right (The best roadside view of the falls is at 2.6 miles after turning onto F.S. 34).


After parking, there is a clearly defined path on the other side of the road to the viewing area. From the second waterfall, go back to the road and only 0.1 mile further is the largest of the falls.  Next you may drive or hike up F.S. Road 34 for another 0.7 of a mile to an old logging road on the right before F.S. road fords Crow Mountain Creek. Park here. The route to the falls (approximately 0.8 mile in length) treads the logging road.  Last time we were here, the logging road was closed, but may re-open soon.





DeSoto Falls    There are five beautiful waterfalls along the three-mile section of the DeSoto Falls Trail located in the 650-acre recreation area. Water at the middle falls flows down the striations of the sedimentary slate rock to create a “ripple effect” in a series of four cascades and may be viewed from a wooden platform.  The DeSoto Falls got their name from a piece of ancient Spanish armor found near the falls; legend has it that the armor belonged to Hernando DeSoto or one of his fellow explorers.


Hiker Information: This is a moderate hike that is well-maintained.  Those who cannot hike the trail because of time or physical limitations can enjoy a beautiful view from U.S. 129, which borders this scenic area for a considerable distance. At one point along the highway, the main waterfalls (upper & lower) can be seen.  Two of these falls are maintained for the hiker's viewing convenience and are designated as the lower and middle DeSoto Falls. It is 0.8 mile walk is to the lower falls which cascade 20 feet. The walk to the middle falls is a well-maintained 2.5 mile trail with hills. The middle, and most scenic falls, drop 80 feet.


Parking Fee: $2

Trail Length: 0.8 mile unpaved trail to the lower falls; 2.5 mile unpaved trail to the middle falls.

Accessibility: Lack of paved trail and grade may make it inaccessible for wheelchairs or those with mobility impairments.

Restrooms: On site, but closed during winter.

Pets: Allowed, on a leash

Directions: Take U.S. 129 north from Cleveland for 15 miles -  4.2 miles north of Turner's corner, or Hwy. 19 north from Dahlonega for about 18 miles to the DeSoto Falls Recreation Area.






Helton Creek Falls    These two falls are quite tall and impressive. The lower waterfall is 30 feet tall and the upper fall is 60 feet tall.  The total vertical drop is more than 100 feet and can be viewed near the beginning of the trail before the initial climb down into the valley.


Hiker Information: These falls are truly beautiful.  The path is 0.3 miles long and is easy.  However, the trail is mostly made up of wooden stairs.  The Helton Creek Falls Trail accesses the lower fall, at both the bottom and the top, then ends at the bottom of the upper fall, which is 60 feet tall.  The rocks are deceptively slippery around these falls: exercise caution. 

Parking Fee: None

Trail Length: 0.3 miles unpaved, with many wooden steps.

Accessibility: Lack of paved trail and grade may make it inaccessible for wheelchairs or those with mobility impairments.  For visitors who cannot take the entire hike, the complete height of the falls is visible during the wintertime, after descending a few stair steps.

Restrooms: None

Pets: Allowed, on a leash

Directions: From Turner’s Corner (coming up US 19 or US 129 from Atlanta).  Go north 9.4 miles to the Helton Creek Exit on the right, follow the winding road to the parking area.

Alternate Directions: From Blairsville, take US 129 south for 11 miles. Turn left on the first gravel road past the entrance to Vogel State Park. Go 2.2 miles to a small pullout parking area. Trailhead will be on the right.







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