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In the north Georgia mountains, Dahlonega was the center of the Georgia Gold Rush.

Georgia has produced more gold than any other American state.

Visit the Gold Museum or the Consolidated Gold Mines while you're in the area.








Including information on:




Canes Creek FallsAmicalola Falls


  Tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi 

            Nearby - lovely man-made Lake Allatoona & its camping grounds - and - Red Top Mountain




Details on each memorable waterfall ~







Canes Creek Falls    This waterfall is lovely throughout the year, but to truly get a sense of its height and depth, you have to see it from above.




Visitor Information:  Easy to find just outside Dahlonega.  It is located on a camp ground, and is closed to the public when camp is in session - so call ahead. There are two parking lots to view the falls - one above and one below.  When you enter the campsite, you will pass a guardhouse.  To reach the top of the falls take an immediate right.  To reach the bottom of the falls, go to the left of the guardhouse, then go downhill to the right to the base of the falls and the bridge that crosses its stream.



Entrance Fee:  None

Walking Path Length:  Less than a hundred yards

Accessibility:  You can see the falls from the parking lot!

Restrooms:  None available

Pets:  Unknown

Directions: Not available at this time (Google, then Mapblast or Mapquest)






Amicalola Falls ~ At 729 feet in total drop, it is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River.  The trail leads past the entire length of drop and is gorgeous!  Last the I was here at twilight, I saw a white-tailed doe and then went tot the top of the falls - there is road to the top, or you can climb hundreds of steps to the top - and watched the sunset from the spectacular height -- What a view!


Hiker Information: A moderately strenuous incline with lots of stairs.



Parking & Entrance Fee: $2.00

Trail Length: Unknown,  paved, but a moderately strenuous incline.  There are several trails within the park.

Accessibility: Grade may make it inaccessible for wheelchairs or those with mobility impairments, however, there are two more accessible paths that can be reached by driving on the road to the top of the falls.


Restrooms: On site, in the visitor's center

                                     Pets: Allowed, on a leash

                                     Directions: Not Available at this time (Google, then Mapblast or Mapquest)






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